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Company / Our Values

Since the inception of Team, integrity, quality and service have always served as our guiding principles. To support our focused goal of being an organization that personifies integrity – we have taken our core values and incorporated them into a code of conduct.


In 1979 circumstances required Joe Brunson to take a long hard look at himself and make decisions on what he wanted his future to be. He considered the companies he had worked for and what they stood for. He considered himself and what he stood for. This process would determine the values that Team would be built on. As the concept for his company grew, he opted for two key factors that he expected of himself and anyone he brought into his company. Currently, the second and third Brunson generations continue to hold fast to these values.

  • To be fair
  • Expect to reap what you sow


Employee Practices

  • Acceptance of the Team Creed
    We know that reputation, like a good name, is won by many acts, and lost by one. While we strive for perfection, ours is still a very human world.

    We recognize and affirm the unique worth of each individual – and will work personally with that individual to resolve any conflicts that might arise.

    We treat all those we service with compassion and kindness.

    We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives.

    We trust our colleagues as valuable members of our Team and pledge to treat one another with loyalty, respect and dignity.


Pledge to Excellence

  • Branch Owners and their employees will abide by the TEAM Player’s Pledge to Excellence. To recognize and honor the dignity and worth of each person with whom I work. To be a system TEAM member who has a broad vision beyond my own areas of personal gain, ensuring that my fellow broker will be protected.

    To never “mug” another TEAM player and if I do so, to speak personally with this individual to work out any problems or differences that might affect our system.

    To act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way I conduct my business.

    To accept my individual and/or collective responsibility to solve a problem. I will remember that it is not important to fix the blame.

    To work towards the accomplishments of my system’s mission, values, vision and goals, and to commit to system achievement and success.

    To view the system goals and functions in my individual decision making and planning.

    To maintain and enhance my own self esteem – and the self esteem and performance of my office – as this will reflect on my behavior with my fellow broker and my customer.

    To keep in mind that all individual efforts and actions reflect on the whole of TEAM.

    To be an advocate and representative of the TEAM.

    To work as a member of a leadership TEAM that builds a system I can be proud of and my customers can depend on.

    To accept that all decisions are not perfect, and if I disagree, I will do so openly and, at the same time, present possible alternatives. However, once a decision has been made by the majority, I will strive to make it work. If I find a decision is not workable, I will work through the appropriate decision making channels to have such decisions reconsidered, modified or rescinded.

    To hold myself and other members of the TEAM accountable for fulfilling the above agreements, remembering first my commitment to you and the other TEAM members.